The Metal Casting Process

Here's a quick overview of how the process works at our custom metal casting shop!

Step 1 - Design Consultation

Consult with one of our experts about exactly what it is that you want to have us make for you.  In this step we talk to you about your design for your custom  metal pieces.  Whether it be scribbled on a napkin or you want to replicate an existing piece, we'll  be happy to walk you through it.

Step 2 - Make Model From Digital Artwork

Once we receive a master of the design to be replicated or digital artwork that we can convert to physical jewlery or other custom metals,  we will get started on your order. 

From digital artwork we can make a model with our laser cutting printer and move onto making your mold.

Step 3 - Making your Custom Mold

With either the model we've created from your artwork or your original master, we will then make a custom mold that you will own (for future orders) and that we will use to create your finished pewter metal pieces.  

Step 4 - Cast Metal 

During this step we spin your mold in a centrifugal casting machine with 600 degree metal.  This process allows us to control quality and consistency throughout the casting process and you can depend on quality white metal finished pieces. 

Step 5 - Tumble Finish

Next, we put the pewter pieces through a two stage tumble finishing process which smooths and shines the jewlery or other small custom metal pieces.   We also offer other custom finishes if preferred.  

Step 6 - Sort & Ship

Pack by style and ship directly to you!

Pewter Metal Casting
Custom metal casting mold
Metal medallions after casting and spinning
Custom Metal Earrings