Long Dangle Earrings

Custom cast metal with your design!

Do you have a handmade design that you are happy with but don’t want to repeat the entire process?   You know that you could sell them if you had the time to replicate them…  This is where we come in. 

We can take that one pair of long dangle earrings through our custom metal casting and replication process, and viola!  You suddenly have a way to maintain an inventory and sell your design over and over again!


We’ve been making custom dangle earring sets for 45 years and can guarantee you’ll be happy with the results! 


If you don’t have a physical object to replicate, but you do have an idea in your head, we can guide you through the design and manufacturing process.  With years of design and manufacturing experience, you can trust you’re in good hands with Jones Metal Arts!

Long Dangle Earrings

The custom metal casting process is easy:

Step one

Simply to fill out this form


Step two

Work with our design team to finalize your artwork.


Step three

Order as many as you want!

See this page for more information on the custom metal casting process