How To Get Your Custom Metal Designs Made

Custom Jewlery, Medallions, Dog Tags, Ornaments

If you’re looking for high-quality custom metal casting, you’ve come to the right place.  We specialize in making your designs come to life.   Whether it be custom metal charms, bracelets, medallions, coins, earrings, or other jewelry or commemorative pieces - we’ve got you covered!  

Step one in the custom metal casting process is simply to fill out this form. 

Once we’ve received your potential design, we will prep it to go in a mold that you will own.  We will then cast the mold to make sure it will work for production in its current state and work with you to make necessary changes so that you have an efficient way to replicate your design over and over as needed. 

Once a proof is made and approved by you, we will provide you with a per piece price.  Pricing will vary based on weight, quantity, and complexity of the design.  You can order as few as a dozen custom metal pieces or thousands!  Our custom metal casting production capacity is built to suit either.

When your order is complete, we will ship your order, with postal insurance included, with one of the major shipping companies.

Custom Metal Charms after casting and tumble finishing.  Rady to be assembled

Not a designer? 

Our designers are ready to help you realize your vision whether you’ve got a sketch on a napkin or just an idea in your head.  Let’s say you have a big corporate event and want to give all of the attendees a commemorative coin, we can work from a digital file and take your idea all the way through to completion!

In a rush for custom metal casting? 

Jobs can be completed in as little as a week as schedule allows. 

What Metals do We Use?

We spin cast pewter, which is a white metal that is able to show off the details of your design while providing a brilliant shine