About Jones Metal Arts

Jones Metal Arts is an American, Family-Owned Shop Focused on Serving Metal Artists and Makers of all types and sizes. We offer in-house design and production services including Model Work, Mold Making, Casting, and Finishing. We are on the cutting edge of technology and production in this industry.  Jewelry casting is an old art form, but we have combined it with computer-aided design to enable precision final products.  Whether you have needs for rustic finished pieces or precise geometric designs, we can guarantee the highest quality custom metal casting.

Our History of Jewelry Making and Metal Casting

In 1975 our founder, Michael Jones, was making traditional silver and turquoise jewelry in his garage.  As his designs got more and more popular, he saw the need to expand the size of his shop and take on some employees to help him make and sell his custom jewelry.  As the years went on, he saw the company grow to a staff of 100+ people including production associates, and sales people.  Nowhere along the way was Michael willing to sacrifice quality because of the volume of jewelry he was making.  He knows each step of the process intimately, and has passed down those skills and knowledge to his kids and close friends who are carrying the business forward. 


Michael’s standards are the standards with which every custom metal piece at Jones Metal Arts is made.


Whether you need custom metal charms, medallions, long dangle earrings, custom cuff bracelets, or commemorative coins we’ve got you covered.  When you choose Jones Metal Arts for your custom metal casting needs, you can depend on 45 years of experience to make your design come to life.


Please contact us with any questions you have or about giving us an opportunity to become your manufacturing partner.

Pewter Metal Casting Process